Having noticed this product being used in a number of YouTube videos, not specifically related to detailing or after cleaning, I thought I’d give it a try for myself.

Not particularly cheap at £11.99 for a 12oz rattle can but apparently the idea is a little goes a long way.

How does it work?

It uses a proprietary blend of chemicals, which I suspect include PTFE and some sort of mild silicon. It’s really simple to use – literately clean and dry the bike as normal, then apply the SC1 spray lightly. The instructions advised one panel at a time, leave for a few minutes before gently buffing off.

I generally work from back to front and on both sides, leaving for a minute or two extra didn’t seem to cause any issues.  The finish? – Wow! It really is like glass afterwards.

Obviously keeping away from tyres, brakes and seats etc! SC1 seems to work best on plastic, fibreglass and most of all on painted surfaces. It could be my imagination, but I seem to think it restored/corrected minor hair line swirls in paint work too.

The Reality

Well it’s one of the few products I’ve tried that actually lives up to the advertising ‘blurb’. My daughter’s scooter paintwork came up better than new with almost no effort.

The label says over time SC1 makes cleaning the bike easier as dirt particles find it difficult to attach. Obviously, until after the ‘zombie apocalypse’ that can’t be fully tested, but I have good confidence it is the case. The fact the spray is so fine means it can be directed into hard to reach places like shocks and around the dash.

It’s so good I think it will become a permanent fixture in my regular bike care and maintenance kit.

Reviewed by Stephen Born