No, not that kind!

I’m very  fussy, my son would say very peculiar regarding my footwear, think of the fairy story “The Princess and the Pea”. I’m not just talking motorcycle footwear either. I just can’t buy without trying on (unless of course I already own the same pair).

I can put a pair of shoes on and know straight away, without even standing up, these aren’t for me, other times I may walk around for a bit and again come to the same conclusion. I can spend ages walking around trying to determine if this particular shoes are suitable, it drives the wife mad. The same goes for motorcycle boots, my son sees a pair he likes, gets his size tries them on and if they fit, he gets them. Not me, Oh no!!

However, he put me onto Alpinestars Super Tech R. I tried them on and yes they were a really nice and comfy boot. They have an inner boot with a lace up system and is removable if you want. I know some people like to put on the inner boot on first then put on the outer boot. I prefer to leave the inner boot in and put my foot in and do the laces up. Once the inner boot is nice and snug, the outer boot zips up like most boots. Once on, the boots actually feel like trainers under foot, one may even say slippers, they are that comfortable. In reality they are race boots, half the Moto-GP paddock wear them so they must be good. They have as you’d expect all the protection you’d ever need (or hopefully not need) – heel protection, shin protection, ankle protection, toe sliders (so you don’t wear off the end of your boot if you drag it on the floor) and they even look snazzy LOL!

Some people may be put off because they are a race boot, thinking you can only wear them with a set set of race leathers. Rubbish I say, I wear mine with riding jeans, yeah I’ll grant you they look slightly out of place. Since you’d normally be carrying around your helmet, everyone knows you’re a biker and not trying to make a fashion statement. As they’re so comfortable, why would you care?

So they are comfortable? Hell, yes!
So are they safe ? Hell, yes!

So will they turn you into a riding God like Mark Marquez? Hell ye……… Sorry no. But, you can say you wear the same boots ????

However, there is a down side (isn’t there always) and yes you’ve probably guessed it, the price.????

They’re not cheap, not remotely, but I’m guessing you already worked that out. They are £419 RRP. ????

I’ve never paid that mind. I got mine, actually I’ve got two pairs as I liked the fit so much (second pair still haven’t been out the box) for under £300. Yes let’s not lie, that’s still expensive, but for a very comfortable and safe boot I’d say it’s worth the outlay, not the £400+ mind ????

Tell us what’s your favourite boot is, what would you recommend, or what to avoid?

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