Hi ELAMites

Well, a lot has happened, but then again a lot hasn’t happened

Of course I’m talking about the elephant in the room “Corona”. I’m sure you have been scared, annoyed, upset, confused etc.

It’s been a strange odd time, hopefully we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully none of you have been personally affected.

So what have you done to occupy yourself? Maybe a new project? Maybe the other half’s list of things to do!!

Some were furloughed, some still had to work.

I suppose it all depends if you like your job, or just have a job to play the bills. whether you was happy or not, with your situation.

At the start of the lockdown, we weren’t allowed to go out except for small essential trips, let alone allowed out on our bikes (unless you needed it for work and were a key worker).

Some found this strange and unfair, as we couldn’t go out and enjoy ourselves.

I saw some alarming posts on social media, arguing that bikers should be allowed to enjoy their bikes regardless, as they wouldn’t be in contact with anyone else and so wouldn’t pose a risk of spreading or catching the virus.

When the point was raised that it wasn’t all about catching or spreading the virus, but a serious point about if they had an accident, that would take valuable staff away from corona victims and overloading the NHS.

Some of  the replies where “I’ve ridden for years and I’m as safe as houses”, the point being you can be the best rider in the world, but it doesn’t stop people crashing into you, but that carried no weight for some.  A few rather selfish replies was well “I pay for the NHS through my taxes”, so I deserve to be treated and treated as a priority. This made me not only sad as a biker but as a person as well.

Anyway as the worst (fingers crossed) is over and we are now allowed out to enjoy the roads and at the moment lovely weather, please be careful, as your bikes been sitting for a while, POWDERSS is more important than ever. You, yourself, could be rusty, I know I was, and definitely not bike fit, so take care and be safe.

I’ve also heard a quite a few stories of very bad driving , since lock down, perhaps it’s cabin fever ,so I’d be extra careful out there Ladies and Gents

Shiny side up!