Afunso Heated Jacket Review

As I tend to ride through the winter months, I thought I would look at investing in another motorcycle heated vest, even though mine still works perfectly well.

I noted that most are selling around the £200 mark now ???? I came across a battery operated one not specifically for motorcycles so the cost-saving was huge. I decided to invest at the princely sum of £37 (Black Friday deal) now £55 + £18 for a battery (which can also charge your phone at the same time if needed).

The Product

Very good quality. The inside was really soft material, with two inner pockets, one specifically for the battery and the outside was also well finished with a further two pockets. The jacket has two heat functions which can be operated independently, the chest or the back /neck or both together.

The Test

I waited for a cold day “4°c” and out came the bike, I started it and all the ice warning lights came on the dash. “Perfect” I did a 2½ hour stint with just the chest heat on and not a pert nipple in sight, then another 3-hour stint with back neck and chest on.

The Result

Although not boiling it did keep me warm. As my main jacket has an inner membrane that helped to keep the heat in. The battery pack did very well whilst only using 40%. With some jackets you can feel restricted in your movements, I did not find this at all here.


If you’re on a budget, you don’t want to hardwire into the bike or you want something just for going out for a walk this is a great buy. Just remember if you do buy one, go up a size to cover other clothing you may wear underneath.

3.5 out of 5 Stars

All the best


Social Ride Coordinator